Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Investigation committee from APSEA What is the latest development? Have the investigation team supposed to have started the job on 21 May, 2012 arrived in Sabah on 7th June, 2012. there is nothing to hide anymore. Let BISHOPGATE be ended properly. MIGS-SABAH31 May 2012 06:06 [in] I would like to congratulate this initiative of the TRUTH to post a blog here on this very important matter. I would like to know more about the programme of the APSEA in dealing with this BISHOPGATE within the shortest time possible and three months to get the Advisory Report after investigative process is too long and the solution maybe subject to challenge. Is this the equivalent of ECourt? If not then it is still very long process towards the ECourt. We will still have BAV around for another year or so to do more incredible damages. Unless BAV is suspended immediately the job of the Investigation can be difficult to get the result expected. The first thing is the CC project at ASC to be shelved without any obligation to pay costs as the breaking of ground and launching of CC is at the last leg with lots of costs involved? How much had been incurred for the CC project so far? It can be millions of Ringgit already committed- please confirm? I also believe there are much undeclared works in the pipeline here in KK and elsewhere without any other people knowledge as BAV applies his prerogative power in all matters. It is already late by 10 days today for the said investigative work to have commenced. I am sorry to say that this will drag on with so many likely interrupted. A raid on the office should be done as 7 months of the ASC blog had been insulted by the 'onemanshow' Let the seriousness begins immediately as it is past the decorum in this BISHOPGATE otherwise the whole affair of handling this case looks so weak. Justice within and without is very expensive. Enough is Enough. Joshua Y. C. Kong 31 May, 2012 2.30pm


  1. What is going on is not known?

    If there is a group from AVCF to visit the Archbishop and alleged RM50k, that is likely to split up the House of Bishop of APSEA in common action and direction..

    Are similar visits to the bishops of the HOB?

  2. unless BISHOPGATE is resolve quick and properly, the whole APSEA will collapse because of the rotten AVCF...sad..

    I known his agenda..

  3. The reports on the APSEA investigation are disappointing in the way the investigations were conducted...

  4. Should the preliminary report of the Investigaton Committee recommend to the HoB for an Ecclesiastical Court to be convened, should not AVCF be suspended as Bishop of Sabah?

    Is the Report coming out on 31 august, 2012 as scheduled?