Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Robbing God by the clergy aided by some "professionals""

email to Dean and others, Dear Dean and others, Don't let the persons close to you mislead you. The accounts of ASC for 2013, 2014 are still NOT alright despite paying RM10,800 to the auditor now your warden. If you are true to God, OPEN up your books to proper scrutiny and not sweep the horrible "dirts" under the carpet. If the adjustment of RM69,120 (issue) was just changed at the opening figure of 2013 account, meaning 2012 accounts was also wrong. The wrongs or unbalanced accounts will go on in 2015. I hope Philip Chhoa may open up the "wounds" if given the space. The accounts of ASC have fundamental errors. If the book keeper cannot identify the errors, then the Treasurer would not see it and the auditor also cannot see in such short time. So clean up the book for the next Dean. Thank You, Joshua two major items by me amongst many questions ----- 2.2.1 House of Celebration If the PCC decide on the project, can PCC members provide the guarantee as guarantors as they feel no risk. If not, I would like to add the following:- 1. How much is the estimated project costs? RM60m or RM30m ? Dont be fooled by RM5m from ASC. 2. What are the documents have the PCC scrutinised? Is the construction contract signed already? 3. When would the project start based on the level of financial availability? The project cannot start unless the full amount is In the bank deposit for this project. 4. There are several key reasons why this Diocesan project linked to ASC cannot proceed namely:- 4.1 The reduction of ASC financial contribution is a temptation not to be entertained. 4.2 The records/performance of Diocesan projects had been irregular. 4.3 ASC had contributed much to the Kokol Prayer Summit but it had been an illegal project from the beginning and the OC Indicated the owner of KPS as the land owner. Can this be construed that many members had been cheated by a gang of and you know them? 4.4 We don’t want another one in our backyard. 4.5 We also cannot trust ADOS go on this project unless the assets of ADOS are resolved following the event on 15 July, 2014. 5. Quality of the accounts 5.1. Proper accounting of God’s money or who is robbing God? 5.2 The quality of the accounting function is very much questioned in the following manners:- 5.2.1 Item of Minute of AAGM - Bank Reconcialitions not completed since 2012 meaning - accounts had been in errors. 5.2.2 My repeated questons for full details on the human resource on cleaners/guards salaries/allowances for 2013 and 2014 not provided and not investigated. 5.2.3 Asset listings are not done. 5.2.4 F 2.5 where Mr Michael Tong as Diocesan Treasurer would not influence the audit, but do we get value for such fee paid audit? The 2014’s audited accounts in item 10. Provision for Diocesan Assessment (page 13) where surprised items of over/underprovision of last year assessment of 2013 (63,014) and 2014 (212,564) and such revisions must be reviewed by independent parties as Michael Tong is the Diocesan Treasurer and the auditor of ASC. We must see the relevant ledgers of this ite. 5.2.5 C 3.3 of Minute of AAGM 2014 where Madam Thersa Hong questioned on the basic book keeping function. 5.3 The acceptance of the questioned 2013’s accounts was subject to a members’ vote by show of hands and the margin was little. 5.4 Two offers of honorary auditors were rejected. 5.5 The questioned figure of RM69,120 in 2013 was just adjusted in the opening figure for 2013 hence 2012 account was not balanced. So accounts of 2014 not approved.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Appeal to Bishop of Sabah elect

Dear Bishop of Sabah elect, I appeal to you for your attention. Please take this as my first friendly notice. Thank you, Joshua ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Joshua Kong Date: Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 9:36 AM Subject: Restore my 4 motions or..... To: Mary Gambidau , "pastorchak@hotmail.com" , Thien William Dear Dean, Under Article VII AGM, 2 (c) any other matters of parish of general church interest and how you justify to deny my 4 motions based on jurisdiction? Rational:- 1. Where is the PCC's power to reject my 4 motions? 2. My motions are relevant and important for the parish as the mother church cannot be under an "non legal entity" bishop soon to be illegally installed. 3. Dean of the ASC is "undisciplined" to be recommended to be removed especially allow RELA to disturb the church event. You did not stop the RELA then. 4. If jurisdiction is an issue, the APSEA is "non legal entity" and Bishop of Sabah/ADOS also without jurisdiction. Please restore the 4 motions as it is still timely for a vote. Joshua

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Open letter to Anglican Province of Churches in South East Asia (APSEA)

Open letter to Anglican Province of Churches in South East Asia (APSEA) This is a very important message to the APSEA and beyond for the better tomorrow. It is important that the faith and order must be synchronised with the secular matters of the church for God’s glory I had submitted motions of good intention and in good faith to the mother church All Saints’ Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu Sabah in the Anglican Diocese of Sabah (ADOS) in 2014, 2015 and all the motions properly filed were rejected for the reason of jurisdiction. Jurisdication is according to the Oxford Dictionary - administration of justice; legal authority; right to exercise this; extent of this. If it is administration of justice, all levels with the church hierarchy should pay attention to this especially for God’s order. If it is legal authority, I do not know where in APSEA there is a legal authority when APSEA had been self-declared as “non legal entity” as the case was prematurely withdrawn from the Civil Court at the highest level at the Federal Court. If APSEA has accepted it legal status at the Appeal Court level, then has the Archbishop of APSEA complied with the decisions thereof? If APSEA has not accepted its legal status as per Appeal Court, then ADOS at the lower level of APSEA is also a non legal entity. In this case, ADOS, synod of ADOS, Diocesan Standing Committee are all illegal and non legal entity to exercise jurisdiction over All Saints’ Cathedral as the mother church with its inherent power to exercise its role in the administration of justice as unfettered by illegal structures above it. We know ASC (1911) and ADOS (1962) are creatures before Malaysia and before the Society Act, 1966, hence we have the concession and privilege of the colonial era. But APSEA (1996) comes after 1963, and how is this power structure be accepted except by the similar concession as extended. So by this extention, the power of APSEA with its own Provincial Constitution is laid out. Yet it is still a non legal entity as far as APSEA vis-a-vis the Anglican churches are concerned as the Civil Court cannot “change” its vested interests. Whether I am right or wrong with this understanding, it is open to learned views. My humble motions as submitted but rejected mean there is no jurisdiction even within the APSEA to do anything if mother church is disabled as I can see it that the “rottenness” already identified would be perpetuated within. If we want to review our physical structure known as Diocese which simply means a certain area for administrative purpose, it is strictly a non legal entity. Malaysia has no legal power but the Government of Malaysia has power as a legal entity. Biblically according to Malachi, Diocese is not store house as it is not a church but money/donation/tithes going into the churches in the Diocese is “siphoned off” by what is known as Diocesan Assessment a substantial “robbery” especially in the context of ADOS where accounts 2006-2012 were “manipulated” for frauds. If we really need a Bishop, then he must be attached to the mother church. So we need to do likewise to make ADOS legalised and that legal matters is actuated by the Bishop of Sabah (Registered Trustee). But since 1962, the role and responsibility of the Bishop of Sabah (Registered Trustee) has not been applied properly as scenarios of illegality have surfaced in deliberations and proceedings of two civil court cases with much research. The established principles of trusteeship and beneficiaries have been simply ignored and abused, hence my motions were trying to restore such grievous anomalies. We have to thank God that two “inevitable” but now considered “desirable” civil courts cases had highlighted such weaknesses for decades in our church. So such weaknesses must be corrected immediately to avoid any further challenge legal or otherwise. How could the Archbishop and Bishop of Sabah not recognise the respective Constitutions and do the right things to bring glory to God for a long time despite the latest rulings from the Appeal Court? So hopefully, my motions to ASC as rejected for lack of jurisdiction would enlightened everyone of our weaknesses with this OPEN message. Joshua Y. C. Kong Servant of God. 22 March, 2015 P/s - can still restore my 4 motions for ASC AGM 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

"Albert Vun" with a very dark cultic shadow in ADOS

Albert still alive and scared of his own very dark cultic shadows in ADOS by rejecting my 4 motions. His cronies still shaking in their pans. We have denggue in our midst because of Muing Choing (Worms). Here we in ADOS has Vun Choing (worms) Unless we deal with the mosquito AEDES, we die from Denggue. Unless we deal with this Vun Choing, ADOS and Anglicans in Sabah die too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1-100 of 179 Ronny Cham & Co??? Ronny Cham??? on a fishing ??expedition for an apology??

How?? by emailling in WWW. Any lawyer to advise if in an email asking for apology, it is deemed a "threat" or "intimidation" even "criminal intimidation" as what had been demanded is sort of incriminating of guilt. 4 motions submitted and hope not block for the lawyer case.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Freethinker?? no more...!!!!

I was given a lift by a casual friend of more than 20 years. He asked me about BISHOPGATE. Then, I just mentioned briefly that we have the mess to clear. So then my wife asked him if he is any church? He replied that he is "FREETHINKER" Then I told him, there is no such thing as Freethinker. Then he said he believe in God but very distracted/disheartened by all the "religious" groups. So I told it is all HUMAN weakness and errors. So we have to reflect that we are all believers in God but how do we organise ourselves to handle the needs of all people. God bless all especially with direct access to Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Christian uniform??

http://www.msn.com/en-my/entertainment/news/an-11-year-old-was-sent-home-for-wearing-a-christian-grey-costume-to-school/ar-AA9sXAN#page=2 Is there such a thing as Christian got uniform??