Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my reply to target in ascsabah.blog

The investigation on Standcom can be done in the Commission of Truth & Reconstruction.  Joshua

My reply to target:

Church members must feel fortunate and express their thanks to Mary Vun for conveying Albert Vun’s message to them. She said her husband had forgiven their wrongdoings; her message, of course, appeared to be somewhat provocative to most of the church members.

Church members are advised not to be irritated. In my opinion, the message should be interpreted as his (Albert Vun) complaints against their unfairness shown to him; that is, they have been hurling their criticism and insults at him only while ignoring the other accomplices sitting in the Standing Committee.

They must realize the fact that Albert Vun alone could not siphon out such a huge sum of 30 over millions Ringgit from the Diocese’ resources without the technical assistance from those professional people in the SC.

In the Standing Committee, there are two lawyers, one valuer, and one public accountant. Very much to our regret, we find out that the two lawyers tend to go against the law; the valuer does not fully understand how to value a piece of land; and the public accountant fails to distinguish between expenditure and fixed assets.

It is time to investigate the SC, pressing them to conduct a forensic audit of the accounts is the only way to recover the hugely misappropriated fund.



This is crying over spilt milk and unforgiveable as far as AVCF is concerned as he had stated his position very clearly while still alive since 2011 and with all those whistleblowing he could have obtained a second opinion rather than just state his "prerogative" power.

Now the audit of ADOS is unconstitutional done by an audit firm when the Constitution specifically state "honorary auditor".

As bishop then AVCF could have instituted a committee of inquiry as I had always demanded in three blogs.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Need to raise fund for Commission of Truth & Reconstruction

http://bishopgate2.blogspot.com/  - new blog


Need to raise fund for Commission of Truth & Reconstruction

It is very urgent that we in Sabah take pro-active action to initiate the Commission of Truth & Reconstruction.

To make it a very good public exercise we need to recruit suitable and capable persons to be in CTR.

There is no short cut anymore.

HOBs of APSEA had failed miserably in all aspects leading to the end of  BISHOPGATE phase 1.

So now it is BISHOPGATE phase 2, and much professional work needs to be carried.

How much do we need?

How do we raise the fund?

Maybe to kick off the CTR, we need a small activation committee to lay out the guideline and direction.

It is no longer that the Bishop or VG working with the lawyer like we had in 1996.

We have all seen how frail had been with the various constitutions and their application and so much so that APSEA decided to urge the Court to rule its a "non legal entity".

So we decide now our direction in Anglicans Sabah with or without outside inputs as we know the whole disabling factors in ADOS and beyond.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New blog on BISHOPGATE phase 2


AVCF the LIAR till the end

Quote: “Vun inferred that as a child he made off with some money from his grandmother”  Daily Express 20/7/2104  and that confirms the blogs are right and truthful but denied by AVCF many times previously..

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Commission of Truth and Reconstruction

Bishopgate glory to God  - see new blog -

Now I can boast, boast in the name of God in Christ.

It has been a tough two and a half years for me almost alone to settle the first part of the BISHOPGATE by doing what God had anointed me to do what to many is impossible.

It is quite safe to say that "none" of the Anglican members really dare to come forward to help me in whatever ways desirable.

Actually when I wanted to serve the Civil Suit for the Anton Pillar I had to get help from non Anglicans.  Why?  Is Albert Vun a god?  We are all in holy priesthood hence we need to serve God in his Church in the truth and the spirit whether we are in full time clergy .duty or not.

Even Stephen Foo accused me in front of others in the ADOS office that I did not have God when I want to serve the Civil Suit to the “late” Bishop.  I rebuked him and rebutted that if I did not have God, I would not be standing at the office.

How can I not have God when so many on the AVCF side had prayed for me to die and that is more than almost three years ago.  In fact as soon I entered the office of the “late” bishop, there was one sister Susan who prayed on the knees at the lobby and I did not know what she prayed and now confirmed that God had done what He needed to do is that we as Christians must put the House of God in proper order.  No doubt about that.

The first phase of BISHOPGATE has ended and yet the ADOS is much messy unless there is a Will of the AVCF to deal with his great wealth derived from his questioned service in ADOS and other illegitimate places like Thailand and Petaling Jaya.

Did not AVCF know that he had to store treasure in heaven where it would not rot?  I believe he had lots of wealth including ill gotten treasure on earth and it is rotting already unless he has a Will to be made public.  Whoever going to inherit that questioned wealth of AVCF is to get the CURSE of God unless all the wealth accumulated in Sabah and elsewhere is returned to ADOS.

The verse from God for the AGM of All Saints Cathedral 2014 was the “wicked man must be removed” on 6th April, 2014 and it is now 15th July, 2014 that “wicked man had been removed”.  Praise God for that.  Actually the Dean should also be removed from ASC.

All those cronies who would inherit the wealth and wickedness of AVCF would also be removed.

For your information, I have Jesus Christ within me even I had not taken His Holy Bread for more than 5 years.  I strongly believe we can all have direct relationship with Jesus Christ and that is the Truth.   Learn to live like Jesus Christ.  I have been fasting under the Isaiah 58 since 1994 for Jesus Christ.

Many may condemn me for taking the action as I had pursued against AVCF. I had hardly been in contact with AVCF for more than 5 minutes since he came to ASC in 2005/2006.  I know Jesus Christ could use me to deal with AVCF based a divine experience in one Sunday morning in early 2009.  The Sunday morning was unusual that I met AVCF at the door of the ASC and I chanced to ask him a simple question/comment.

He did not want to answer me but said “If you don’t like………” but he did not complete his statement except that he was turning at the place where he stood.  So God shut his mouth.  I already knew what he wanted to say as he had said to others like “ If you don’t like, then you can leave”.  Isn’t that stupor of AVCF at that stance then confirmed that I could handle him in any crisis of the ADOS and ASC?  It was a divine message for me that I could not be sent away from ADOS/ASC.

Very hard to convince others to resolve BISHOPGATE phase 1 and now it is phase 2, and who would work hard at this for a new direction for the sake of Christians in Sabah. If Bishopgate phase 2 is not handled properly, then Anglican also doom would be sealed forever.

I have made enough suggestions and comments for the move forward of ADOS.

If the vicar general is to be appointed it is only a transition and be instrumental for a new dawn in ADOS possibly in a new design without Anglican Province of South East Asia (APSEA) as HOBs had failed miserably to resolve BISHOPGATE phase 1.

APSEA did ask me to withdraw my Civil case against AVCF in July, 2014 via the honorary diocese secretary in Kuching but I rejected the lopsided proposition.  I had to withdraw unconditionally. 

So what is wrong with the Civil Court action when later HOB of APSEA pursued it to the Appeal Court in another matter.

I would like to ask Bolly Lapok, when is he to release the full PAC report on the 38 of the 40 alleged crimes for public viewing.  Would he instruct the lawyer Ronny to let the 5 complainants to have the full PAC report together with the HOB’s recommendation.  I think this is the first step for Bolly to kick off BISHOPGATE phase 2 and let God deal with the dark side of AVCF affecting the whole global Anglican communion.

Bolly Lapok should also convene a powerful and independent Commission of Truth and Reconstruction for BISHOPGATE phase 1 and then deal with BISHOPGATE phase 2 where the mess of AVCF be resolved peaceful and in proper order to bring Glory to God.

It does not mean when AVCF is no more, everything can be obliterated.

The Commission of Truth and Reconstruction would come out with a full report to set all Anglicans so far divided into two camps free and truly free in Christ.

May God bless those who read this item and pray and cry to the Lord Jesus for truly a new beginning in ADOS and beyond. 

Joshua Y. C. Kong    6013-8394513    19/7/2014

p/s I will start a new blog BISHOPGATE IN ANGLICAN SABAH phase 2

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Obituary of AVCF

What does this mean at the funeral service in ASC?

Mrs. Mary Vun said in her eulogy “he wanted you all to know that he forgave all who wronged him”  DE 20/7/2104

Nobody wronged him for the crimes AVCF has himself to blame and don’t push them to others who are really innocent.  There are enough evidence to prove AVCF guilty and should be jailed.”

Where is the death certificate and the Will?

The funeral was so secretive and why?
With such secretive ending, so what is happening to all the assets of the ADOS and the various Churches.
We as members of ADOS must take control of all the assets in Sabah and elsewhere to make sure God’s properties are accounted for.
The land registrar should provide a list of assets and the relevant title deeds in certified true copies.
There is nothing to hide now. ADOS must move on.

16/7/ pvs = 802 and 17/7/ pv = 557

The single title of "death" for less than 16 hours is 147 page views while the highest pv for this blog on 15 July 2014 is 832 = 238 (reverse) being birthday of Jesus Christ and myself.  So God has appointed me to deal with AVCF for His church as confirmed by yesterday's event.  Elohim Amein. Joshua (God saves or Jesus saves)
A Voice in the Wilderness
Do not judge. God will judge. This has been the statement when we try to voice out what is happening in our diocese. Is this the bible teaching? Judge not? Let us see what has the bible got to say about this.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
A voice in the wilderness,
You can remain in the wilderness as ADOS is going that way.
The verse now is 1 Corint 5:12 – expel the wicked man amongst us.


After asking for his full medical reports and the full costs paid by the church for his "treatment", which was never disclosed, now it is very important to get hold of his death certificate and the Will if any so that full Justice would be served for all.  Joshua


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New beginning - FREE to restore ADOS with ados set free

It is now easier to convene the Ecclesiastical Court without the AVCF as he and stephen foo had declared to fight to the end to resolve the issue and also make public the PAC full report and the recommendation etc.
This must be done so that assets of AVCF can be frozen.

 16 July, Page views is 802.  thanks for the concern.

To enable ADOS to have a new beginning, those clergy and laity who had sided with the biggest "Christian" thief and liar, should resign to make way for the new system in ADOS.  Joshua

Praise God in His mercy on all of us.  Cry, cry and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Elohim Amein. Joshua

Bishopgate rip

Yes it is rest in peace for BISHOPGATE but not so until many issues still unsolved or unresolved.

God is still in control and let His guidance and direction now mould ADOS for His glory.

The major items of concern are (some ) of the following:-

Amongst many items already in my blog – BISHOPGATE and other blogs ---

  1. Why the Archbishops of Canterbury and APSEA not really concerned with what is rotten in ADOS affecting Sabah and beyond?  Why my many IMPORTANT emails to them plus Couriered item to Lapok not received any acknowledgement and reply.  Silence from them means what?  Should now ADOS be go independent like calling ourselves Free Anglican Church (FAC) for the past tradition and now fully for Christ and Christ alone.   FAC can merge with other smaller independent churches in Sabah and beyond to make it a million and more members of saved souls for Christ as the end time is so near like yesterday.
  2. You may sleep on this alleged crime – was there an alleged rape of the minor in ASC ground as reported in two other blogs?  Was it “resolved” and how with the mother of the raped victim?  Was money paid?  Why no police report made by the deceased Dean then?  Was it resolved by the dead man then?  Did not he know it was a statutory rape – a crime against a minor and a police report must be made wherever and whenever committed?  If the young man never done it, his name must be clear otherwise the stigmas stay with that young man and what happen to the young victim - a lifelong hard life of "hatred".  Was it done by the dead man and acted like “SSY” in that similar case of the police officer also largely ignored.  A grievous crime is a crime.
  3. All those alleged theft of the God’s money must be restored whatever be and all his assets accumulated must be returned to the church.  He cannot have so much wealth around already exposed when he was most of the time in birthday suit in Menggatal home.  Where is his will which must be made public as it is God’s money.
  4. My itemized crimes of the dead man in my Civil Suit would be published in this blog and if anyone can come up with confession, then each case would be closed with forgiveness to all.  God have mercy on us for deeds yesterday, today and forever.

  1. ADOS’s financial scenario must be verified properly and every item identified and accounted for so that ADOS can continue to have peace amongst us.  All the churches must submit proper return and then consolidated for God’s mission in Christ.

  1. We are glad a new beginning would emerge but all worries of the rottenness must be put to rest.

  1. The list would continue…