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Malaysia Day 2014

Malaysia Day 2014 message from PM of IGGG

This very important message for 2014 is likely a re-enforcement of putting our human rights in Sabah into proper perspectives based on facts and not on disillusion of largely untrustworthy people holding some positions in the nation but irresponsible to make immediate correction of errors – true and fake – in the past.  Don’t be deceived by lies of illegal leaders when repeated for 51 years have become the truth especially about the existence of “Malaysia” when such nation does not appear in legal paper or legal constitution.  Who want to accept the argument that there are things that are not in written form in the Constitution or the unwritten portion in the Constitution?  I would consider such statements would come from the CRIMINALS in Government.

1.         31 August and 16 September

The argument that “Malaysia” can emulate the USA style of Federation is based on a deceit as it is comparing an apple [Malaya] with a pear [Malaysia].  “Malaysia” – proper or not – was assumed to be in existence after a series of illegalities in the written agreements now under close scrutiny.  What is the status of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 is now exposed as simply invalid.  The position assumed was that Sarawak [S], Sabah [S], Malaya [M] got their independence from the common colonial master – the Great Britain – on 22 July, 1963, 31st August, 1963 and 31st August, 1957.  There was nothing about independence when “malaysia” was formed on 16th September, 1963 by the S,S,M together with Singapore which later “left” “Malaysia” on 7th August, 1965.  So 16th September, 2014, the 51st anniversary has nothing to do with independence.  “Malaysia” or rather Malaya had just celebrated the 57th Independence Day [red herring] on 31st August, 2014   Can we get this clear now?  If anyone is not happy about what I write based on the history, then I would call the 16th September, 2014 as a “slavery” day of “Malaya” as far as Sabah and Sarawak are concerned.  If we are not in slavery of the “Malaya” whose people call themselves the Malays and Tun Dr Mahathir call them as “thieves”, then why are we so much behind Singapore with scarce resources to start with when the GB just wished to ‘abandon’ Singapore in the mid 1950s as Singapore was ‘independent’ in July 1959.  Singapore GDP per capita in 2013 was USD50,000 while SSM with vast natural resources was only USD11,000.  I think as far as Sabah and Sarawak are concerned our GDP per capita is much less at about USD3,000.  I hope you can prove me wrong if we are not in “slavery” of sort.  Much of the GDP in Sabah is allocated to foreigners.  So my wish for 51st “Malaysia” day is for Sabah to be set free from such bondage and image of “slavery” before it is really too late for the fate of 28million people in the nation.  There is a lot of hard struggle to do this now.

2.                  Malaysian or 1Malaysia as pure slogan

I am not going to write much about this as there is no sincerity on the reality of the perception.  We all know in our hearts, minds, souls and spirits, such thing as 1Malaysia does not prevail in reality and it is a slogan forever when the existing dubious Government has a different perspective.  Similarly slogans in the past like Amanah, Bersih, Cekap  and Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang and ….have largely been for show only to feel good by some people.

3.                  Isaiah organic mattress

Who would we expect that such a special product with a Biblical name has come to the nation?  So what does it serve as an indicator?  Isaiah is a name of a chapter/ book in the Bible, organic is a special concept of well being, and mattress is what we sleep on it daily for comfort.   Every book in the Holy Bible has messages for all human beings and so is Isaiah in its prophetic message.  In 1998, God reveals to me Isaiah 45, 46, and 47 for the nation.  Then I forwarded this timely message to the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir on the indicator of the direction of the nation.  I will post this brief booklet on my blog later.  As you know, ‘Malaysia” was in financial turmoil and the losses have not been recovered till today.  So we should find comfort in the message of Isaiah for Sabah especially as Sabah like Sarawak have been largely a Christian country until gradual erosion after the contagious effect/impact of Malaya..

4.                  Flags –Jalur Gemilang

Over the recent years, the zeal of the people in Sabah to fly the national flag – Jalur Gemilang has waned.  The message of physical manifestation is clear as it is in the hearts of people where we belong.  The flag is symbol of truth, and when that is not the “truth” people can see through it.  So let it be when “slavery” of sort is unbearable..

5.                  Important matters – MA1963, Oil & Gas, Bank Negara’s printers; Security,

These are important matters that must be addressed accordingly and come up with solutions for the well being of all.  There is no justice in the way “Malaysia” has handled in 51 years where legality, wealth sharing, robbery can affect everyone as far as security is concerned.

6.                  Report of RCI IIS

Where is the much expected Report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants Sabah long delayed for almost a year?  As it is a Royal Commission, who can block the emergence of the said report which is so essential for the security and justice in Sabah?  Does it imply that the King has a hand with such regression?  Do we need to call another RCI to establish the truth of the suppression? If such published Report can very much disturb the security as perceived by some quarters, such people should not be in high office any more.  Such entanglement was the “creation” of such people in the first place especially it is known beyond any grain of doubt that Musa Aman and his small committee still holding top positions in Sabah had issues 400,000 blue identity cards to illegal people for their selfish gains –financially and politically with rampant consequences of “ethnic cleansing and apartheid” in Sabah and beyond.  It is also a scam of Malaya to harm Sabah.

7.                  MAS, Proton, Khazanah, EPF (Battersea), Petronas etc

Does the nation have any sovereign fund to ensure the well beings of the people in years to come as the global challenge bites in the communities in the nation?  What we know and what we can see is that the nation has already over committed to various major adventures and misadventures – locally and globally- resulting in inevitable financial strains and crisis of unacceptable economic proportions in the near terms.  We are selling our raw commodities at floor bottom low prices when we should deal in value-added items especially in the food industries. Why Petronas invested the fund largely derived from Sabah and Sarawak into foreign projects and very little returned to the two states until recently?

8.                  Environment – Concrete Jungle and TAB

Does that really mean progress when some quarters only concentrate on more concrete buildings in already congested areas such as Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?  It is replacing a once  friendly environment with much concrete jungle causing much disruption in communication when there are not enough roads and car parking especially in already built up areas in Kota Kinabalu.  Consumers and residents would soon find it very difficult to get in and out of Kota Kinabalu’s Central Business District especially when public transport is largely inadequate and unreliable. The uncontrollable taste for concrete jungle has also gone beyond Kota Kinabalu city proper so much so that Tanjung Aru Beach [TAB] away from the city would never be the same when buildings of all sorts would rise up from the pristine beach once white and sandy.  The evil pretext to improve the much neglected eco status of TAB by design of the CRIMINALS in Government for decades by DBKK is to totally destroy the natural place for personal gains given the sky rocket prices of prime land in Sabah especially in Kota Kinabalu.  When finally TAB faces its fatal fate, where else would there be untouchable in Sabah?  So we must stop TAB by TAEDSD at all costs as the likely destruction with much reclamation of the seashores is irreversible by whatever human intervention.  What is more beautiful if it is not God’s Creation?  Who want to claim that they can do better than God?

9.                  Goods and Service Tax (GST)

What is GST really when it is implemented in “Malaysia” when her threshold to prosperity is questioned?  With GST, it is a totally different game in the economy.  Is “Malaysia” prepared for that?  From all the recent press releases and press conferences, I think many do not know what is GST when it is implemented especially in corruption riddled administration?  Even the preliminary stage of registration has already exposed the weak points of GST in the context of acceptance of the people especially the business community and the consumers at large.  Does the administration know how many would be eligible to be registered?  Why it is only twelve weeks away that less than 15% is registered? Would this be a “last minute” effort?  Would the whole process be meaningless as initial costs are too much for the business community? The illegal PM had declared BN/UMNO with the endless possibilities.  So what are the possibilities with the event on 1st April, 2015? Would those foreign speakers coming with arm chair - lack of hands on - experience really motivate the business community with the registration where costs of implementation can be quite hefty.   Business people spending their own hard earned money would like to see through the process counting the costs involved. That would not be a problem for the public listed companies and Government linked companies to incurred such preliminary expenditure in relevant costly items.  If BN/UMNO have endless possibilities, the hard pressed business community would also have to weigh all the possibilities including the acceptance of the consumers at large in many scenarios.

10.              Rigged GE and Pakistan

It is beyond any grain of doubt that General Election 2013 was again rigged heavily in favour of BN/UMNO by none other than the Election Commission of Malaysia (ECM).  This is also confirmed by the attitude of Malays by Tun Dr Mahathir as money is too tempting.  Rigging has been going on for decades and how can ECM be absolved of the crime against humanity? Yes, the opposition did win more seats in GE13.  If not for the repeated rigging or “raping” of the voters, Pakatan would be in Putrajaya like it or not.  My views on the rigging have been confirmed in GE2004, GE2008 and GE2013 in meticulous scrutiny.  I went to the High Court over GE2004 and GE2008 but were simply struck off by the questioned/conditioned judge even when there was a “walkover” in early hearing for me to proceed to full trial when the defendants for GE2008 did not appear before the early bias Judge.  ECM denied everything but it realized its crimes and when GE2013 came about, ECM did cover its tracks by two steps namely an important item was omitted in the official Gazette when compared with early GEs and the correction of discrepancies by publishing a second edition of the Gazette.  With two editions of the Gazette on GE13, it confirmed rigging.  Pakistan is at the present embroiled in a tussle of rigged General Elections with civil disobedience, and where would it be heading for?  Similarly, the CRIMINALS in Government in Malaysia are so happy to be warming the seats with all sort of threats using now the possible defunct “Sedition Act” of 1948 to cover their tracks.  So I had proposed since GE2004 for an Interim Good Governance Government Malaysia or IGGG M as a solution to the impasse of illegal Government with all the illegal authority to destroy the nation with a possible Bada bing for “Malaysia”.

11.              Race & Religion???

Where on earth can a religion change a race?  Did God say that?  Why is it seditious?  Is it seditious to comment on the Federal Constitution which is no longer “sacred” with so much dubious and genuine amendments over 51 years?  Isn’t it very strange that the Federal Constitution states Malay =Muslim= Malay?  Why strange if Arabs also Muslims are not Malay?  Why so special about ‘Malaysia” when its legality is questioned? Sabah was never a Malay=Muslims=Malay in 1963 if its independence is to be respected.

12.              Secession?, separation?, leave?,  kicked out?, divorced? or simply abandoned???

This is seditious matter and it is a Federal Constitution item. We cannot talk about a legal item be it in the Constitution or otherwise?  So far so good, we have been intact for 51 years of “neglected” marriage but “Malaysia” never talked of love.  Was “malaysia” thing a love at first sight or Sabah was betrothed by arranged marriage of the British Empire disintegrating like a “big bang” or a “big divorce” or forsaken children as orphans? Or was “malaysia” a new family in 1963 after a rare event somewhere?  Now after 51 years, the theme for celebration on 31st August, 2014 has finally emerged to express LOVE for Malaysia, LOVE in Malaysia.  Was Singapore “kicked out” of “Malaysia” in 1965?  We know many married couples once in love were then divorced with great responsibilities subsequently for the wife or wives.  So when some illegal leaders come up with LOVE for Malaysia in 2014, can we not talk of “divorce” or face seditious charge?   So is this theme on “LOVE” another indication for the nation in the face of disparity, oppression, lopsidedness, injustice, neglect, ab initio and now much aggravated and exacerbated by endless possibilities of BN/UMNO.  Can we cry over LOVE meaning “Leave Over Very End” or “Leave Out Very End” as really intolerable now as the last resort?  Can we see some sense in this as in marriage it is “till death do us depart”?  Can “Malaysia” as a questioned marriage for its legality be facing any real “death”?  So it is DEATH for “Malaysia” when Sabah, Sarawak & Malaya do depart which should have taken place in 1965.   If Malaya could not hold on with Singapore for whatever reasons, can you sincerely believe that Malaya can still hold on to Sabah and Sarawak when all the signs are already there for a bada bing divorce.  Under Act 750, our oil wealth already taken geographically.  If we want to debate on this “bada bing” of “Malaysia” to prepare ourselves for such an eventuality, it is a totally different forum.   We all know that in good times of the nation, Sabah and Sarawak had been largely left out in the main stream of development as Menteri Besar of Kedah Datuk Mukriz Mahathir had said “Kedah would not be today as developed if not for the wealth and resources of Sabah.”  I think all the states in Malaya can say the same.  So when bad times come to the nation inevitably, where would Sabah and Sarawak be?

So mulling over LOVE as “Leave Over Very End” or “Leave Out Very End”, as the cry is getting more intense and loud as far as in the Great Britain, are we in better position to prepare that day when LOVE is the deciding factor in the nation?  We know Sabah and Sarawak were ill prepared to go the “Malaysia” way in 1963 but hard scenario present tough decisions even after a process called IGC, Cobbold commission, 20/18 points with UN intervention?   In 1963, there were sudden confrontations from the neighbours then and somehow they were ‘weathered’ over 51 years despite the unending challenge. Today, Sabah is still in similar scenario of that unending challenge and life and fear go on hand in hand.

In 1963, there was the Azahari that broke up the intended 5 nations in “Malaysia” and today “Malaysia” can only go wayward bada bing and who is there to seal the final chapter of “Malaysia”?  Would it be DJ?

13.  Conclusion

  An Interim Good Governance Government would be in order to work for an appropriate solution rather than a bada bing for “Malaysia” and no ensuing violence of any sort within and without. We come in peace and we go in peace once and for all.  Fear not what is ahead as it was in 1963.

God bless all.

Joshua Y. C. Kong PM of  IGGG  16 September, 2014   6013-8394513

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Appoitment letter of VG

Open message with 7 points for new VG MJT

If MJT is not prepared to conduct CTR to clear the mess of AVCF, then he should resign immediately and let other to do justice in ADOS for a revival as any guilty party cannot do anything good. Joshua

Bishopgate Open message 2014

This is an OPEN message to  all Anglicans and Christians.

According to Isaiah 45, nothing is hidden from God and so is all 

the resources obtained by God,from God, and of God 

cannot be hidden in any Church for God’s mission on earth 

by His people, of His people and for His people.

After writing seven messages to the Synod of Anglican 

Diocese of Sabah (ADOS) and the members recently, it is only 

appropriate that I write this message to all.

Some may ask why am I writing this and I consider this as very 

important as it God’s Church for all and nobody owns His Church on earth.  

So let God be God.

What have been happening in many Churches around the world  is very disturbing indeed and thereis no excuse to find faults 

in some people  to justify their misdemeanors.

It would appear that the fundamental in the running of any 

Church is based on the Constitution but when some wicked
 man stays in power, such written Constitution with the good
 intention of the Church would be ignored or even corrupted. 
The message that came to me for the amendments of the 
Constitution of All Saints Cathedral in an Extra General Meeting
 held on 10th February, 2014 was “Expel the wicked man from

 among you” (1 Corinthian 5: 13b).

At the EGM 2014 of ASC, the rejection of Amendment 

7 means no confidence in the Dean Chak and rejection of 

Amendment 8 means no confidence in the Bishop to meddle in 

the affairs of ASC as we had enough of him since 2005 till 2012.

So God had spoken there and every day.

So we must take heed that how come after the “disappearance”
 of  bishop Albert Vun Cheong Fui on 15th July, 2014, the Synod 

in its Biennial General  Meeting on 31 August, to 4th September 

2014 was reported to vote on the Amendments of the 

Constitution of the  Anglican Diocese of  Sabah.  

So I would believe such amendments would the works of the 

“dead” bishop as it was the case in the EGM 2014 of the All 

Saints Cathedral.  I am concerned about the Amendment of the 

Constitution of ADOS because all Anglicans (present and future) 
are affected by such questioned action.  Also whenever the 

Constitution of ADOS is done, it must be compatible with the 

other Constitutions upwards and downwards and no unilateral 

action is justified to avoid any possible conflict within and
 without the Anglican Church.

If you are not convinced with what I had been writing, then can 

you be convinced with what had been written in the press 

recently?  Yes, there were three major press articles in Daily 

Express (Bishop under Probe 18th July, 2012,   Suit against 

Anglican Bishop dismissed   6th March 2014, Church members 

divided over stand of Anglican Archbishop March 16, 2014 ) in 

recent years which are very disturbing indeed.  It is not known 

who had actually written them except the one titled 
Suit against Anglican Bishop dismissed “ bearing the photograph of the 

Diocesan Chancellor although Albert Vun was present at the 

press conference.  Does the Constitution of ADOS allow key 
and senior persons including the Bishop to speak to the press especially with a hidden agenda of falsehood 

and deliberate deception?  The ensuing damage to the Church 
is irreparable.  What had been written for a personal agenda in 

Suit against Anglican Bishop dismissed” was subsequently 

rectified by the Appeal Court.  Did the Diocesan Chancellor go 
to the press again on the ruling of the Appeal Court on 23rd May, 


Whatever that had flowed in the ADOS and beyond in the 

Anglican Communion had been of frightening dimension.  Yet 

nothing had been done to repair the damages even with the 

mysterious disappearance” of Albert Vun Cheong Fui to 

coincide with the aftermath of the Appeal Court ruling which 
was to take effect 90 days which could be just before the Synod 2014.  With such hefty ruling, Albert Vun could have been 

suspended by the Anglican Province of South East Asia [APSEA] 
under Archbishop Bolly Lapok.  Whatever not done by Bolly for 

the most challenging situation likened to be the Catch22 of 

BISHOPGATE may be unknown to Anglicans, but what Bolly 

said at the funeral as reported in the press should be heeded 
of his unsatisfactory handling of the BISHOPGATE as widened to 

enfolding Bolly and two other bishops in House of Bishops in 

APSEA.  Bolly was reported to have said something like that
 “Rt Rev Datuk Bolly praised the strong character of the late Vun
 and said at the eulogy that the House of Bishop is never the same 

again without Albert. We will miss him”

 How would you discern this statement when Albert Vun is a

wicked man? A wicked man to be missed?  Assessing Bollys Statement to his handling

 of the ADOS since 16th July, 2014 until the Synods Congress 

with a vacuum leadership” and now with the amendments of 
the Constitution done by AVCF prior to his disappearance” and 

likely approved by people in favour of the wicked man is indeed 


 Amendment of Constitution is such an important action that 
 cannot be done within 45 days of 15th July, 2014 if fresh clauses 
are to be included and likely going through various stages for 

consensus.  There is no excuse for the passing of any 

Constitution as the next Synod would be only held in two years 

time.  Anyway the whole revamp of the Anglican church in the 

region and beyond need massive attention.

So the best to do such revamp is the set up of the Commission 

of Truth and Reconstruction (CTR) for a comprehensive effort 
do justice for all.

After 24th August, 2014

That part of this message was prepared before 24th August, 2014 

and now we know that the Vicar General is the ex assistant 

bishop Melter Jiki Tais who had lied many times including that 

done in the sanctuary of All Saints Cathedral on 16th October, 

2012. Had he apologised publicly now?  Maybe God will deal 

with him in His time and hopefully before he does further 

damages to ADOS as the evil legacy of Albert. 

There is no meritocracy and justification in APSEA for Melter to

be appointed the VG as such appointment is key to a revamp in ADOS.

 I doubt very much MJT is prepared to undo what his ex 

boss had done so much damages to ADOS as that had been to 

the civil court. To be fair to all in ADOS, Bolly should have called an  investigation on the circumstances to review why Rev Moses 

Chin was downgraded in early 2014 when Albert was a sick man
 with distorted attitude and unfit person to remain the bishop with 

the prerogative of the position as often abused.

I strongly believe that Moses was demoted” in rank so that he 

could lose the opportunity to accent to the position of VG or even 
the Bishop as vacancy could have arisen soon.  Albert also wanted
 his evil “legacy” to be continued by his crony.

Many may not be aware that there was a disturbing case of 

grafitti on the church in Sandakan possible under the preview 
of Moses in Indah Anglican Church. That case was reported to
 the Police for investigation and also likely the first incident in ADOS.
  If that was the reason for Moses to have lost his Archdeaconship, I am not surprised of manipulation within.

Don’t tell me that MJT was only appointed on 24th August, 2014, 

the day after Jesus Christ’s birthday that he cannot promptly

 implement good changes away from the evil legacy of Albert.  

MJT has shown he is not for change towards a new direction
 as expected by many Anglicans.

MJT was already fully aware of the rottenness of the ‘legacy’ 

of Albert.  He had done several major events since the 
“disappearance” of Albert possibly also still in Albert’s shadow by 

conducting the lopsided funeral service of Albert when he is of

 lower rank than Albert as Bolly should have conducted the service.  Also MJT and Bolly allowed Albert to “preach” at his 

own funeral.

Another major event was the Synod 2014 held over 31 August/3 September.   Who could have organised this massive event if it was NOT done by MJT?

Today it is almost two months after the “disappearance” of Albert,
 and yet ADOS is still under the “mud” or evil legacy of Albert.
  We are aware that everything about the Synod 2014 was also

 illegal.  There are much outstanding mess of Albert yet to be 

resolved.  Was anything in Synod 2014 done in cleaning up such outstanding mess of the evil man Albert?

So this important message ends with 7 key points namely:-

1.       Return the two Altars in All Saints Cathedral prior to 2016 and keep the Choir seats to the right side.

2.       Re-start the Kindergarten and the Sunday Schools.

3.       Cancel the Celebration Centre in All Saints Cathedral ground in its present form and location.

4.       The ‘demotion of Rev Moses Chin should be investigated or his position restored .

5.       The Court Documents in the Archbishop Case be made public and the decisions of the Appeal Court be implemented including the conduct of the Ecclesiatical Court in the absence of Albert Vun..

6.       .Install the Commission of Truth & Reconstruction.

[the Terms of Reference already in the Bishopgate Blog].

7.       The Vicar General MJT should resign if no revamp effort is made.

Joshua Y. C. Kong    15 September, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

what is this really?

why all opposiitons leaders shown in this article in Malaysiakini???

Sabah churches' grand Malaysia Day celebrations

Sabah churches will kick off a grand three-day Malaysia Day celebrations in Kota Kinabalu from Monday with the theme: “Into a New Season”.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

exchange of emails between "late" avcf & philip lee

Have any one seen avcf's tax return?  If so, you may learn that he paid himself a huge bonus at the end of December, 2012 just around the times he was no longer the Dean of ASC.  So who actually was paid the huge bonus??  A special lady and for what??? your guess is as good as mine??
  1. “Will you serve God for nothing? If you serve God for “something”, then you are not serving God, you are serving the ‘something’.”—From Bishop Albert Vun Cheong Fui.

    This is a very good message which serves to mock the members who, after knowing that the errant church leaders are misappropriating God’s money, still give their tithes generously and expect more ‘something’ in return.

    The message is applicable to the clergies in the Diocese as well. Ask yourself, clergy, are you serving God or Bishop Albert Vun?
  2. The following are a series of emails between Philip Lee and the late Albert Vun presented for public reference.

    From the emails, Albert Vun, while queried by Philip about the improper bonus payment, had without alternative admitted that it was a mistake made by him for not listing down the names of the recipients. Was the money really paid to the clergy? Evidently, God’s money had been used by Albert Vun without any restraint.

    Philip is just an ordinary member from Christ Church and he does not have any accounting knowledge. Being a righteous member, he was obliged to seek clarification from Albert and we must honor his good deed.

    Church members are a loss to explain why the Diocesan Honorary Treasurer, Michael Tong who is also a public accountant, has never expressed his opinion about the irregularities in the church finances. Church members felt that he had tacitly accepted the maze-like Diocesan Financial Report by not objecting to it. Is he one of the accomplices who had assisted Albert Vun to misappropriate church funds?

    The emails.....
  3. The e-mails ………
    Dec 4, 2012
    Date: 04/12/2012
    To : The Right Revd. Datuk Albert Vun, Bishop of Sabah.

    From: Philip Lee ( member of Christ Church)
    Dear Bishop Albert Vun,
    I was saddened to learn from the “The Truth” that you have, under the excuse of making payment of bonus to the clergies, cashed out RM 100,000 from the Diocese Bank Account.

    It was also said that no payment voucher was issued for the recipients to acknowledge receipt of the so-called bonus payment. Don’t you realize that you have violated the accounting rule? Don’t you realize that your violation has raised doubt about your integrity—church members suspected that you have misappropriated church money?
    Being a senior member in Christ Church, I have confidence in you and I do believe that the accusation against you is probably calculated to defame you. If your conscience is clear, I hope you would take action to refute the rumors by listing all the names of the recipients and the respective amount paid.
    Again, I must reiterate that I have my undivided trust in you and I hope that it is not misplaced.
    I look forward to receiving your explanation at your convenience.
    Philip Lee of Christ Church, K.K.
    Email :
    Dec 4, 2012
    Dear Philip,
    This was done end of last year on the principle which was agreed in our salary terms n conditions, that we reward those who worked harder, n for clergy n pastors from smaller churches where no bonuses were paid. I shared with the Stand Com. the Treasurer n accounts staff were in the know. The Diocesan office staff were given about 1 month’s pay each. The rest distributed to clergy n pastors. $1000 to $2000 each. we have 60 over clergy n pastors. Yes, we didn’t have a full name list. That was my mistake.
    In the future, we will do a full name list, if we do this again. Now there is a group trying to discredit me. I have led the best I could in the right spirit. If you don’t trust me on this, I also cannot do anything now. I’m taking time off to pray if the Lord wants me to serve someway else..
    Please help to pray for the church n help to built unity.
    Sent from Samsung tablet
    Dec 5, 2012
    Dear Philip
    I just checked with the Diocesan office this afternoon, last year, we used $85,000 (not $100,000) for the clergy and staff year-end gifts. Just to set the record right.
    Dec 7, 2012
    Dear Philip
    I am disappointed that my sincere reply to your mail (which I thought came out of genuine concern), to help clarify to you what we did to give year-end gifts to our Diocesan staff and also clergy of small-town and interior churches, was given to Clarence Fu whom you know will use the mail against me. Have you check Clarence Fu, track record as a priest – both in his management of finance and in his dealing with people, especially of opposite sex? Do you know how, as his bishop, I have reached out to him to help him. So, don’t be taken into believing negative things people said about the bishop without checking out who are the people spreading the bad report and what motivates them.
    Out of courtesy, you should at least make known to me that you are making my reply to you public. How can I trust you as a member of our church when my reply to you – out of a sincere heart, is now used against me.
    Anyway, before the Lord, I have dealt with you in kindness and respect, but you have not done so to me. As far as I know, I have been in anyway unkind to you and your family. May the Lord Himself be our Judge.
    Bishop A Vun
  4. To
    Dec 8, 2012
    Dear Bishop Vun,
    I apologize to you for not getting your approval before sending out your reply to a few persons whom I know (Clarence Fu was not included).
    I just wanted to tell them that I appreciated your reply and I have unconditionally accepted your explanation. My original motive was to stop the negative opinion about you from spreading around. In view of the present chaotic situation, I felt it necessary to share with them because it is my duty to clarify the matter on your behalf.
    I thank you for telling me about the character of Clarence and it will be taken as a guideline to handle similar matters with them in the future.
    Again, I am sorry for causing you the unexpected trouble.
    Best regards,
    Philip Lee
    Date : 12 January 2013
    From : Philip Lee (email :
    To : Bishop Albert Vun
    Dear Bishop Vun,
    I refer to your email which you sent to me on 7 Dec 2012 and wish to express my thanks for telling me some of the undisclosed stories about Clarence Fu. May I have your consent to disclose the said email to other church members for their information?
    After a thorough review of the past days’ happenings (including the court cases against you), I have decided to side with you in the church conflict and I assure you that I will do my best to influence those members who have negative judgment on you. I believe that you were made a victim of the Standing Committee and would advise you to be more prudent in handling church matters in the future.
    I sympathized with you for your being placed in quite a predicament at the dialogue with church members held at All Saints cathedral few months ago. I could feel the hurt you were inflicted by some disgruntled members and I hope that time will heal your wound.
    I pray that God will help us promote the peaceful development of priests-church members ties, bring unity to the church and guard the fundamental interests of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah.
    May God Bless you!
    Yours truly,
    Philip Lee of Christ Church
    Albert Vun
    Jan 13, 2013
    Dear Philip
    Please do not share with others what I shared with you. It is not helpful to repay people evil for point to you is, you need to know the background of people n not believe what everyone is saying or posting on the blogs. And I want to put matters to rest not to stir up more controversices
    Pray for the Lord to intervene on behalf of the church.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Synod of 2014 is illegal - shameful

Another fatal illegal act is on the audited accounts of ADOS as the commercial audit firm doing what should be done by HONORARY auditor —
Michael Tong has definitely advised wrongly especially he did not comply with the Diocesan’s Constitution to appoint an “HONORARY” AUDITOR for 2012, and 2013.
The Constitution of Diocese of Sabah states in Article IX (7) – Procedure in the Diocesan Synod – “At each ordinary meeting of the Diocesan Synod, an honorary auditor shall be appointed who shall remain in office until the conclusion of the ordinary meeting of the Diocesan Synod and shall be eligible for re-appointment.” [ the audited accounts cannot be approved for two reasons namely the accounts of 2010 and 2011 were not re-audited and accounts of 2012 and 2013 as audited are unconstitutional and nobody can over rule this].

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ruling of High Court

 I wonder how can Ronny used the term " Res Judicata" for this case when my case in High Court was never heard or tried properly except strike out under unusual circumstances.  Joshua

this was changed by Appeal Court on 23/5/2014