Wednesday, November 19, 2014

what is the VG up to?

Anything done to upgrade ADOS by Meltar Tais.?

Since 24 August, 2014, what is new?

Are they all waiting  for the Civil Courts?

What had God being telling us since 2005/2006?

I can tell you all the names in key positions already confirm the times to come for APSEA and ADOS. 

local activists with pious intentions are banned from local Synod.

Muslim addresses Church of England synod for first time

November 18, 2014
nadhiLONDON: A British Muslim addressed a Church of England synod for the first time on Tuesday in a discussion with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on the suffering of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.
Fuad Nahdi, head of Radical Middle Way, a think tank involved in inter-faith dialogue, recited an Islamic prayer and greeted the Anglican gathering with the words “salaam aleikum” (Peace be with you).
Nahdi branded violent Islamist jihadists as “idiots” and condemned discrimination against Christians, but said that Muslims who did not adhere to extremist ideologies had suffered in greater numbers.
“The persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria is heinous and totally unacceptable to any sane human being. But we should not forget that the Muslims have borne the brunt of these extremists,” he said.
“Thousands if not tens of thousands have died in the past couple of years and they will continue to die if we pretend to ignore it,” the Kenya-born campaigner, who was dressed in a blue robe and cap, told hundreds of assembled delegates.
He also spoke about growing anger among young Muslims in Britain in reaction to criticism that they face because of the actions of extremists they have nothing to do with “thousands of miles away”.
“All the pressure on us is to try and justify things that are unjustifiable,” he said, calling for peaceful existence and joint “fight against ignorance” by Christians and Muslims.
In an article in The Guardian newspaper out on Tuesday, Nahdi wrote: “I hope my presence as the first Muslim to address the General Synod shows that followers of these great religions can be allies”.
The Church of England is the mother church of the global Anglican Communion, which has some 80 million followers in over 165 countries.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bishopgate extended to Kuching in more actove mode

 Watch out what is to happen to APSEA come Nov 24, 2014 for the application hearing to appeal to the Federal Court.

Bolly said "the church is also challenged from within" and it is his fault.

See how he complained when it is his fault as Archbishop.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

surprised but expected visit for APSEA's crisis n AVCF?

  The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby visited Rangoon on 22 and 23 October. During his visit, he met with the organiser and participants of a British Embassy-funded youth interfaith project. The participants were drawn from the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic and Sikh faiths. They discussed the importance of interfaith dialogue and talked about ways in which young people could promote tolerance and understanding between followers of different religions in Burma.  (see below)




 why no photo in FB on his trip in Kuching?


Hopefully, he came here with a mission as the illegal Province APSEA has applied for leave to the Federal Court over AVCF dragging the Anglican church into mud. Joshua



Archbishop of Canterbury in Sarawak

 | October 22, 2014
The Archbishop is on a two-day working visit with an entourage.
justin_welby-375547KUCHING: The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, called on Sarawak Governor Taib Mahmud and Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem yesterday.
The Archbishop, who is on a two-day working visit with an entourage, was accompanied by the Bishop of Kuching, the Most Reverend Bolly Lapok, who is also Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church in Southeast Asia.
Welfare Assistant Minister Robert Lawson Chuat was in attendance.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cross at Tivung Hill under threat

Thursday, October 16, 2014

NGO- IPSOMplus-plus or IPSOM++

Change your life, your family, your community, your nation.

This is the local NGO for the Institute of Public Security of Malaysia where every one can do something for ourselves now and into the future.

My first contribution ---
Institute of Public Security of Malaysia (IPSOM)
Dear Sir, 23 October, 2014
Re: Town Hall Meetings held on 15 October, 2014
Auditorium, IPK Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.
Further to my contribution to the said Town Hall Meeting, I am making more contributions for the purpose of formulation of policies in terms of security of Malaysia in general and Sabah in particular.
I would like itemize the various security measures before I go into more views as follows:-
1. Population growth and its impacts on the nation.
1.1 Population growth and well being in the following areas.
1.1.1 Natural growth and unnatural growth
1.1. 2 Health from conception, birth and death.
1.1.3 Welfare of all citizens and residents.
1.1.4 Education
1.1.5 Economy
1.1.6 Finance
1.1.7 Personal security
1.1.8 Internal and external challenges.
2. Challenges in the nation, region and global context
2.1 Emergency
2.2 Food security
2.3 Wars
2.4 Natural and environment
2.5 Climate change
2.6 Ideology
Here is the details and illustration --
1.Population growth and its impacts on the nation.
1.1 Population growth and well being in the following areas.
How do want to address the unusual growth of population in Sabah vis-à-vis the nation? The usual growth of population is in the sector of dubious people largely the illegal or aliens of Pendatang Tanpa Izin hence provide a great challenge to the security of the state and in the larger context the nation.
1.1.1 Natural growth and unnatural growth
The natural growth of the population would give strength to the families and thus provide the expected security for the communities when the unnatural growth of population arising from dubious people can come with all sort of unexpected challenges and adverse impact in the nation.
1.1.2 Health from conception, birth and death.
Health from the women folk who provide the natural propagation of the population from conception, birth of children reaching to adulthood via proper upbringing would provide the security in society so that deaths from all natural and unnatural causes could be delayed in a healthy and secure society
1.1.3Welfare of all citizens and residents.
Welfare of all citizens and residents must be maintained by pro-active programmes.
Education in the universally approved methods would be fundamental for the progress of the citizens in the security perspective providing the stability in society.
A balanced economy in the context of environment, climate change, selected clean industries, justified exploitation of natural resources, sustainable development can contribute to the security of the nation as any adverse environmental impact and climate increase can result in much devastation of the livelihood of the people.
The proper management of Finance in the nation boost the security of the nation to enable the growth of wealth as generated and retained for all purposes.
1.1.7Personal security
Personal security is so important all time in whatever we do. Our secured homes would be a paramount sector in our personal security even when we are not at home. It would be more important for us to be safe at homes especially from threats that may encroach our homes at all hours of the days especially at night. I cannot over emphasis that dogs can provide the much needed security for the homes and the occupants against intruders likely to destroy the peace at homes. So all the local authorities must introduce new bylaws to promote the breeding and rearing of dogs.
1.1.8Internal and external challenges.
There are a range of internal and external challenges known and unknown in all sort of forms to be addressed. It would be helpful that internal challenges can be defined and identified so that solutions can be proposed. External challenges can be more difficult to be identified but we should pre-empt such development at the shortest notice. A strong society would be in better position to overcome such threats to security of the nation.
2.Challenges in the nation, region and global context
The worst challenges must be addressed with an equivalent tough measures Such measures cannot come about overnight but long term preparations for such matching effort would be desirable.
2.1 Emergency
Each crisis would be defined and where applicable emergency measures would be enforced to thwart any threats from whatever sources.
2.2 Food security
We all know how it would hungry when the nation run out of food when there is an over-prolonged crisis be it in the nation within and without. With the environmental damages largely due to climate change, growing quality foods in the required quantity is getting more difficult. Unless we grow our own food especially padi for rice, food security would be bleached especially if there is regional and global conflict at a very disruptive level. Maintaining food security in peace time also means less daily food wastage.
When a global or regional war appears, it would mean very much to everyone in term of security of all sort as all normal activities would be much curtailed. How to survive any war need much sacrifice but such sacrifice must be focused in the context of security well worked out previously.
2.4Nature and environment
Exploitation of the earth seems to be endless and so much so that such scenarios can be beyond any one control. So how to secure the earth for our own security without massive contribution and sacrifice of all the residents on earth?
2.5Climate change
When we talk of climate change, many are still clueless of what we are talking. It is global climate warming or temperature increase that can cause massive destruction beyond recognition and borderless on earth and the atmosphere. First we have to recognise that in Sabah alone the temperature rise of 40 years since the 1960 had been more than 3 degree centigrade while the global climate body claims that the global temperature rise is less than 1 degree centigrade.
In a small nation in Malaysia with 28millions, there is a diversed ideologies –some based on religions and some based on philosophies and such ideologies do not converge although there is only one God. While it is to be appreciated that all religions do mean to be good but what we witness can be the opposite. Such incidences and even sort of lopsidedness can send the nation into a spine. While security has been tested every now and then, we need to wake up to the reality what God actually wants us to be in society be it in the national, regional and global context.
[NB: This is my first portion of contribution]
Joshua Y. C. Kong 6013-8394513

Thank you for your respond to the Town Hall meeting. We appreciated very much of your feedback and ideas.

Kindly email us if you have more ideas before 20/11/14 @ 8.00am.

Thank you and regards

Food quality and uncontaminated for all foods –raw, fresh, frozen, fired – packed or served in food eateries, in the context of MGO items (all stages from seeds to finished products) preservative permitted or unknown in excessive quantity or otherwise including formalin, illicit drugs or otherwise, expired items in major ingredients such as olive oil and mee hoon but not easily defined for sell by dates Also the pre-cooked food left in the open for long hours - sort of expired and possibly contaminated by exposure - such as in 24 hours restaurants.

Deaths on the roads accidents

Fresh approach to review the whole system of transport on the road to minimize road deaths instantly and in hospitals later. Observations on the roads can contribute to
Highlight strengths and weaknesses and too much traffic jam in peak hours and otherwise is counter productive.

Sustainable developments / industries versus natural scenario in Sabah

In Sabah, we have in the arable land in many species of alien plants in excessive oil palm, acacia magnium and other plantation /industry trees in too much quantity and land once grown with such alien plants would inhibit crops on the same land and similarly the tourism sector would require the natural resources in flora and fauna (going extinct) and crimes from alien people of all sort including kidnap for ransom to sustain positive returns, and so the challenges to the security of Malaysia in a viable environment in the short, medium and long term Joshua Y. C. Kong 20/11/2014